With the dozens of software titles available for your English/Language Arts programs, selecting the right application for your needs can be tricky. Here are eight web sites that can help you review software and narrow your search:

1. California Instructional Technology Clearinghouse (http://clearinghouse.k12.ca.us). See evaluations of hundreds of English/Language Arts titles, and for all subjects.

2. The Regional Alliance for Mathematics, Science, and Technology Education Reform NetTech, The Northeast Regional Technology in Education Consortium (http://www.ra.terc.edu/softwareeval). See how teachers from several Northeastern states rate a variety of software programs.

3. Ohio School Net (http://www.enc.org/rf/ssrp/ssrpfinder.html). Search evaluations offered by the SchoolNet Software Review Project. You can search by subject, grade, platform, keywords, or national standards.

4. Southern Illinois University, Edwardsville (http://leader.soed.siue.edu/Evaluations/Searc h2.html). The university’s College of Education has gathered reviews on its web site with an easy-to-use format.

5. Teaching & Learning Online (http://www.Techlearning.com/reviews.html). A searchable database of evaluations is available here, as are links to magazine reviews.

6. SuperKids Software Review (http://www.superkids.com). Software is evaluated by teachers, parents, and students.

7. Way Cool Software Reviews (http://ucc. uconn.edu/~wwpcse/wcool.html). Also provides reviews by teachers, parents, and students.

8. Educational Software Institute (ESI) Online (http://www.edsoft.com). “The world’s largest and finest collection of educational software,” according to ESI. Search the site’s Resource Guide to Educational Software.