eSchool Partners

Ace Software, of Grove City, Ohio, is a leader in internet-based administrative software. Visit Ace Software’s web site:

(800) 837-2692

See the ad for Ace Software on page 36

Adobe Systems Inc., of San Jose, Calif., is a leading producer of illustration and design software. Visit Adobe’s web site:

(800) 834-3396

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Advanced Media, of Wilmington, Mass., is a leader in CD/DVD networking and networked attached storage solutions. Visit Advanced Media’s web site:

(800) 466-0813

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Advantage Learning Systems Inc. of Wisconsin Rapids, Wis., is a leading creator of computerized learning information systems. Visit the Advantage Learning Systems web site:

(800) 338-4202

See Advantage Learning System’s ad on page 19

Anchor Audio Inc., based in Torrance, Calif., is a leading manufacturer of portable sound systems. Visit Anchor Audio’s web site:

(800) 323-0092

See the ad for Anchor Audio on page 14

Brodart Co., of Williamsport, Pa., is a leader in library automation and services. Visit Brodart’s web site:

(800) 233-8467

See Brodart’s ad on page 38

Compaq Computer Corp., headquartered in Houston, is a world leader of the PC industry. Visit Compaq’s web site:

(800) 888-3224

See Compaq’s ad on pages 2-3

Cutting Edge, of La Mesa, Calif., is a leader in network server solutions. Visit the Cutting Edge web site:

(800) 257-1666

See the ad for Cutting Edge on page 35

Dell Computer Corp., of Round Rock, Texas, is the world’s leading direct-sales computer company. Visit Dell’s web site:

(800) 822-6078

See Dell’s ad on pages 12-13

FamilyEducation Network, of Boston, is a leader in web site editing tools and templates. Visit the FEN web site:

(800) 558-3382

See the FamilyEducation Network’s ad on the back cover

FNO Press, of Bellingham, Wash., is the publisher of From Now On: The Educational Technology Journal and specializes in books and publications describing leading K-12

technology practices. See the FNO Press web site:

(360) 647-8759

See the ad for FNO Press on page 22

The Gale Group, of Farmington Hills, Mich., is one of the world’s preeminent publishers of academic, educational, and business research materials serving libraries, educational institutions, and businesses in all major international markets. Visit The Gale Group web site:

(800) 877-4253

See the ad for The Gale Group on page 10

GradeNet, of Tulsa, Okla., has one goal: solving the communications problem between schools and families, with the ultimate result of significantly improving the educational performance of students. Visit the GradeNet web site:

(918) 369-1324

See the ad for GradeNet on page 39

Helius Inc., of Orem, Utah, provides innovative solutions for LAN-based networks. Visit the Helius web site:

(888) 764-9020

See the Helius ad on page 50

Hewlett-Packard Co., headquartered in Palo Alto, Calif., is a leading provider of computer systems and network servers. Visit the Hewlett-Packard web site:

(800) 839-6850

See the ad for Hewlett-Packard on pages16-17

Highwired.Net, of Cambridge, Mass., is the first and only free online newspaper system for schools. Visit the Highwired.Net web site:

See Highwired.Net’s ad on page 33

Lightspan Partnership, of San Diego, is a leading provider of curriculum-based educational software and internet products. Visit the Lightspan Partnership web site:

(888) 425-5543

See Lightspan’s ad on page 5

N2H2 Inc., of Seattle, delivers a suite of products that makes the internet a safer and more productive place for schools. Visit N2H2’s web site:

(877) 336-2999

See N2H2’s ad on pages 8-9

NCS Inc., of Minneapolis, is one of the nation’s largest single providers of student, curriculum, instructional, and financial management software and services to K-12 schools. Visit NCS’s web site:

(800) 736-4357

See the ad for NCS on page 32

Network Data Services Inc., of Augusta, Ga., is a single source partner for professional IT services, computer systems, network design, installation, and related communication services. Visit the company’s web site:

(706) 650-8015

See the ad for Network Data Services on page 31

NewDeal Inc., headquartered in Cambridge, Mass., is a developer and publisher of advanced system, application, and tool software for personal computers. Visit NewDeal’s web site:

(800) 985-4263

See the ad for NewDeal on page 53, of Norcross, Ga., is a free web-based education system providing a new level of communication between schools, students, teachers, administration, and families. Visit the web site:


See the ad on page 34

ParkerVision, of Jacksonville, Fla., designs, develops, and markets automated video camera control systems and emerging wireless technologies. Visit ParkerVision’s web site:

(800) 532-8034

See ParkerVision’s ad on page 52

Scholastic Inc., headquartered in New York City, is a global children’s publishing and media company in both education and entertainment. Visit the Scholastic web site:

(877) COUNTS-1

See the ad for Scholastic on page 21

School Zone Publishing Co., of Grand Haven, Mich., is a publisher of elementary education products, including workbooks, flash cards, games, maps, posters, and CD-ROMs. Visit School Zone’s web site:

http:// href=””>


See the ad for School Zone on page 24

Scientific Learning, of Berkeley, Calif., uses integrated technologies to create training programs for individuals with language and reading problems. Visit Scientific Learning’s web site:

(888) 665-9707

See the ad for Scientific Learning on page 20

SmartStuff Software, of Portland, Ore., is a leading developer and marketer of cross-platform system utilities and productivity tools for institutional users in education, government, and business. Visit SmartStuff’s web site:

(800) 671-3999

See the SmartStuff ad on page 15

Symbol Technologies, of Holtsville, N.Y., specializes in wireless LAN technology for educational computing. Visit Symbol’s web site:

(800) 722-6234

See the ad for Symbol on page 49

Tangent Computer, headquartered in Burlingame, Calif., designs computer systems tailored specifically for education and government applications. Visit Tangent’s web site:


See the ad for Tangent on page 55

ZapMe! Corp., of San Ramon, Calif., delivers safe, meaningful, and entertaining educational content and services to the K-12 community via a global satellite network. Visit the ZapMe! web site:


See the ad for ZapMe! on page 7

Zenith Electronics, of Glenview, Ill., is a leader in plug-in presentation equipment. Visit the Zenith web site:

(888) 393-6484

See the ad for Zenith on page 11

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