Gateway’s E-1400 computer

This personal computer just released by Gateway is priced at less than $1000 and will be heavily marketed in the education arena, according to a company statement. The E-1400 has the smallest case of any PC yet released by Gateway, and with its low price and ease of use, schools are expected to appreciate its benefits in particular.

The E-1400 has a tool-free design which allows the user to push a button on the side of the case for easy access. It also features industry-leading cable management, a motherboard that slides out without tools, CD-ROM, floppy disk, and easily accessible drive trays.

In addition to its streamlined design, the E-1400 features the latest Intel Celeron 400 MHz processor, 64 MB of RAM, a 15-inch monitor, and lots of other features. The hardware package is registered as Y2K compliant and includes Microsoft Windows 95 or 98 at a cost of $899. With a 500 MHz Celeron processor, the unit costs $999. An extra $75 on top of that figure will add a Microsoft Windows NT Workstation 4.0 operating system.

The E-series line also includes Intel’s LANDesk Client Manager software, Alert On LAN technology (which notifies administrators of system faults), and Wake-Up-On-LAN features, which allow information technology mangers to remotely access the system to distribute software and perform other functions.

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GyroPoint’s GyroMouse Presenter

Gyropoint Inc., of Saratoga, Calif., recently unveiled the GyroMouse Presenter, a dual-mouse device that gives educators more freedom when making presentations. Using patented motion-sensing technology that tracks hand movement, the GyroMouse allows presenters to make points “in air,” without a traditional mousepad and flat surface.

The mouse itself is cordless and has a range of 60 feet, so the presenter can gesture and walk around without tripping over a cord or being confined to a small area. The GyroMouse also comes with presentation software that helps the user create special effects, use multimedia, and devise attractive presentations.

The mobile input device automatically switches on when touched and cuts itself off after five minutes of no use. It uses a standard cordless rechargeable battery and can be used for up to eight hours without recharging. The unit comes with a recharger cradle that plugs into a serial or mouse port and does not require additional software drivers. Special features include the ability to draw on the screen, highlight key points, or use one-touch commands to play sound or video clips.

GyroMouse is compatible with DOS, Windows 3.x, 95, 98, and NT. The suggested retail price for the GyroMouse Presenter is $169.

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Power On Software’s

DiskLock 4.5

Power On Software, of Minneapolis, has announced the latest version of DiskLock, a Macintosh security system. Over the past ten years, this product—formerly owned by Symantec Corp. and known as Norton DiskLock—has been used by Macintosh users to provide security through file locking and encryption.

DiskLock 4.5 can be used with the latest versions of the Mac OS, including 8.6, and it supports the iMac and the new G3 Blue and White line as well. DiskLock protects valuable and sensitive documents by encrypting them, and users need only point and click to encode documents.

DiskLock is capable of supporting multiple users, each with their own passwords and access levels. Other features include screen-locking, which allows users to instantly blank the screen from any application; an idle-time screen blanker; built-in screen savers; and audit management, which logs invalid attempts to access information.

The suggested retail price of DiskLock is $129.95, and the cost for upgrades to the new DiskLock 4.5 version is $49.95.

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Technologic’s InstaGate

Technologic Inc., of Atlanta, has introduced the InstaGate Internet Appliance, a product designed to help schools and libraries meet proposed legislative filtering requirements for eRate recipients. InstaGate is an all-in-one, plug-in-and-go internet solution that provides everything needed to connect to the web. The turnkey appliance includes an eMail server, web server, firewall, and web content filtering, eliminating the need for additional filtering hardware or software.

Technologic’s SiteFilter blocks internet sites and content in more than 27 categories and is automatically updated weekly to keep up with the ever-changing web. The integral web server makes it possible for schools to build their own internet or intranet site for school activities. With a robust firewall, InstaGate lets schools ensure against security and network risks to web site and eMail functions. This comprehensive, 24-hour-a-day protection also features remote management functions.

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Martek Veri-A-Code

Martek Global Services, based in Bethesda, Md., has developed Veri-A-Code, a software product designed to address the constant area code changes and splits created by the population and technology explosion.

Until now, updating phone lists has been a time-consuming, and often mistake-prone, manual operation. Veri-A-Code searches your phone number databases, finds the ones that have changed, and updates them automatically. Veri-A-Code, which uses geographical verification to assign proper area codes in a database, is Y2K compliant and maintains a list of future area code changes for the next 100 years. Databases can be updated quarterly through a subscription service.

Veri-A-Code is a multi-platform application that works with SQL Server, Oracle, Access, ASCII Text, Sybase Information, Goldmine, and others. To find out how many area codes might be wrong in your database, Martek is offering a free database analyzer program, which can be downloaded from the Veri-A-Code web site.

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International Computers’ TVWebLinks

TVWebLinks, from the Franklin, Wis.-based International Computers, is designed to help students and educators produce interactive and distance learning videos.

With TVWebLinks, web site links can be added to a live or pre-recorded television signal using International Computers’ OneClick software. The encoded signal can then be recorded to videotape or transmitted live to students’ WebTV units (end users can also use a PC with a TV tuner card).

When the students click on the WebTV icon on their television, coursework is immediately retrieved and displayed on the their screens. Class assignments, reference materials, and the entire transcript of the video can be displayed and printed. The system also allows for interactive testing.

The product is 100 percent compatible with CEMA standards and supports both standard composite and S-Video television signals, International Computers said. Other features include true broadcast quality, real-time and post-production capabilities, and online assistance. The complete package includes software, cables, operating manual, and the TVWebLinks external box.

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