A new study by Market Data Retrieval finds that a majority of the more than 1,500 teachers surveyed feel they are not well prepared to use technology in their classrooms.

When asked how well they were prepared to use technology in teaching, only 39 percent said they were “well prepared,” while the remainder said they were either “somewhat prepared” or “not at all prepared.” What’s more, just over half of the same respondents said their schools provided “fair” or “poor” training and support services.

Commenting on the study, Keith Kruger of the Consortium for School Networking, which backs the use of technology in schools, said schools too often concentrate on technology purchasing and not enough on training teachers how to use it.

“You wouldn’t buy a bus and not think about training the bus driver or buying adequate fuel to keep it running, and yet that’s exactly what we’re doing too often in the case of school computers,” he said.