Under the direction of the University of Northern Iowa, a group of colleges and other institutions have received grant money to create what they hope will be an innovative new web site for instructing teachers on technology use.

Researchers intend to go into classrooms and identify teachers who are using technology effectively for instruction. They will then record these teachers using the technology, add video footage of the teachers explaining how and why they use the technology provided to them to enhance student learning, and post the results on a free web site.

William P. Callahan, associate dean of the University of Northern Iowa’s College of Education, told the New York Times, “I think if we can provide educators with easily accessible strategies and techniques involving technology to help students learn more and better, they will use them.”

The grant money for this project came from a new $75 million federal project to train teachers in the use of technology, funded by the Department of Education. The “Preparing Tomorrow’s Teachers to Use Technology” program also funded 223 other projects that aim to help train teachers.