$250,000 in equipment from Cytronics Technology

To provide technology to middle school children in the Carrollton-Farmers Branch School District in Texas. Cytronics, a Dallas-based full-service systems integrator, is a major sponsor for a pilot program called “In-Step,” with the goal of providing affordable laptop computers to students. The In-Step program allows students to purchase laptop computers for use in school or at home. Cytronics is supplying the Compaq laptops to the school district at cost, including software and a three-year warranty. With technology sponsored in part by Cytronics, sixth-graders at Vivian Field Middle School will have the option to purchase a laptop, giving them 24-hour access to technology.


$150,000 from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation

To La Salle High School of Yakima, Wash., in order to fund the purchase of computer hardware and software. Funds from the grant will be used to create a writing lab for English classes, with laptops for each student; to network all computers at the permanent school in Union Gap with a vital link to the internet; to purchase computers connected to a CD-ROM tower for sharing software and resources; and to purchase student recordkeeping software. Teachers will be able to use computers as a writing tool and will be able to evaluate five papers in the time it takes to grade one hand-written assignment. Founded in 1994, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation has an asset base of $17 billion and makes grants to schools in Washington state to fund computer technology.


$100,000 in equipment from United Parcel Service

To Hungry Horse schools in Montana, in order to build and equip a computer lab for Canyon Elementary. The money donated by UPS helped build a 30- by 38-foot building, complete with 11 internet-ready computers for the students at Canyon. In the past, students from Hungry Horse who wanted to use computers had to go to nearby Columbia Falls, Mont., to use their facilities. The employee-owned, nonprofit UPS Foundation is the philanthropic arm of the delivery service, and this is the second year it has helped provide funds to improve education in a needy area. Montana’s Gov. Marc Racicot nominated Hungry Horse for the donation when approached for ideas by UPS and helped build the computer lab.


$70,000 in software from Corel Corp.

To 14 Oklahoma City-area schools destroyed in a series of tornadoes. After the tornadoes hit in May, Hastings Entertainment Inc., a leading multimedia entertainment retailer in the United States, started gathering software from several major software manufacturers to donate to the 14 schools that were destroyed or significantly damaged. Corel joined other educational software companies, such as Havas and The Learning Company, in making the donation.