School officials in Carroll County, Md., are considering whether to teach students gun safety under a program sponsored by the National Rifle Association.

NRA officials have presented ideas on how to incorporate the Eddie Eagle Gun Safety class into the county school curriculum. Kathy Cassidy, manager of the Eddie Eagle program, said the program would be geared to children in kindergarten through sixth grade.

The presentation would involve a gun safety video, instructional materials, and an Eddie Eagle mascot to push home the message of gun safety. “People that are against the program usually haven’t seen it,” Cassidy said.

School officials are treading lightly and want to discuss the idea with parents, teachers, and administrators.

“This would not be celebrated by all members of our community,” said Assistant Superintendent of Instruction Dorothy Mangle. “I think some of the parents wouldn’t want to imply that there is such a thing as the safe use of guns.” Mangle said if approved, the program would not begin until next year at the earliest.