Teachers in Rhode Island are making great strides when it comes to using technology to become better teachers—and, in turn, make their students better learners—through the two-year-old Rhode Island Teachers and Technology Initiative. In the short term, the program is showing teachers how they can become more involved in developing their curriculum. Teachers also are being prodded to develop relationships with real-world professionals who can be used as resources. A third goal shows teachers how to increase their personal productivity.

Through the initiative, 2,400 teachers, or roughly 25 percent of all teachers in the state, have been furnished with laptop computers and some 60 hours of training. Though it’s too soon to make any generalizations regarding the success of the program, officials at the Center for Children and Technology said the early results point to a real shift in how teachers are doing their jobs. They also said teachers seem to have a new sense of excitement toward using technology in their classrooms.