Developed by Pennsylvania State University to help the state’s teachers integrate technology into their classrooms, the Link2Learn CD-ROM ( has proven to be an effective tool for a district’s professional development program, both in and out of Pennsylvania. The CD contains a host of tutorials, teacher interviews, and lesson plans demonstrating effective uses of technology.

The authors describe how they were able to take the existing version of Link2Learn and customize it to meet the needs of their school district in Illinois. The authors first decided what could be left as is and what needed some tinkering. Then, working with the developers of the original Link2Learn CD-ROM, the authors set out to adapt the program for their needs.

During the evaluation phase, the authors decided to include on the CD-ROM web links to directly to the DuPage Regional Office of Education, the Learning Technology office, the Illinois State Board of Education (ISBE), and the Illinois Learning Standards web site.

They decided to keep all of the tutorials on the CD in tact. The tutorials include:

• How to Use Netscape Navigator

• Beginner’s Guide to the Internet for Educators

• Integrating the Internet Into the Curriculum

• Getting Started With Web Pages (HTML)

• How to Create Advanced Web Pages and Sites

• Using Multimedia Tools With the Internet

The authors discovered that the learning attributes found on the CD’s Featured Teacher interview section fit in well with the ISBE’s Engaged Learning Initiative, so that section was also untouched. One addition they made was to include a video announcement on the CD from the regional superintendent of schools.

Once the customized version was complete, the authors set out to distribute the CD-ROM, with enough copies for roughly half of all teachers in the county.

School districts in the regional service area have found the CD-ROM to be a useful tool in helping teachers in the classroom.