Supplying school districts with donated projection equipment is the goal of the new School Donation Center hosted by the projector industry portal web site, ProjectorCentral. The internet-based donation center will enable any school to post its needs for projection systems online. Businesses with used projectors to donate can access the listings and donate equipment directly to the schools of their choice.

Schools that may have older LCD projection panels that are being upgraded to projectors can also use the donation center to find homes for those panels in other schools that have fewer resources. The service is free to all participants.

“With the corporate rush to adopt the latest technologies in projectors, a flood of used equipment is being created in its wake,” said Evan Powell, general manager for ProjectorCentral. “Meanwhile, schools are desperate to put projectors in the classrooms, but they can’t afford them. The best thing any business can do with a used projector is put it in a classroom. Donors get a tax credit, the schools get projectors, and ultimately the kids win.”

The ProjectorCentral web site was launched in June 1999 as a complete industry resource for buyers and sellers of projection equipment. Visitors to the site can find in-depth information on virtually any LCD or DLP projector, including prices, specifications, reviews, and links to manufacturers’ and dealers’ web sites. The site also offers competitive bidding, allowing buyers to get quotes from dealers online.

The site’s new School Donation Center is global in scope. Any official representative of any school (public or private, K-12, or higher ed) can post a request for donations and specify the type of equipment needed. Donors can access all listings and make donations to schools in their home town or state, or anywhere in the world.

The ProjectorCentral web site is