The authors review six curriculum management applications:

1. ClassWorks Gold by Knowledge Adventure ( This tool provides lesson units and accommodates both online and off-line student activities to conform to national and state standards and standardized tests. Available for three grade-level groups: K-3, 4-6, and 6-8. Pricing ranges from $22,500 for one subject (language arts or math) and grade level to $83,000 for both subjects and all grade levels. Available for Power Macintosh and Windows 95/Windows NT workstations supported by either an NT, Novell, or AppleShare server.

2. Jostens Management Tools by Jostens Learning ( This is a suite of modules for grades K-12 and is intended to help teachers integrate technology into their lessons while also tracking and assessing student performance. There are 20 configurations available for Macintosh and PC environments. Pricing varies depending on the number of workstations and training and support desired.

3. NovaNET by NovaNET Learning Inc. ( This is a broad-based system for basic coursework, with some specialty subjects available for middle school and up. Available for IBM-compatible systems, as well as Macintosh and Apple Power PC systems. Pricing varies depending on implementation and licensing needs.

4. Curriculum Designer by Tudor Publishing ( This tool allows the curriculum to be correlated with state and national standards and standardized tests, as well as with local goals. For use by teachers, administrators, and curriculum specialists. Available for Windows 95, 98, and NT and Macintosh System 7.1 or later. Sold only to districts at $1,995 per school.

5. Curriculum Orchestrator by MediaSeek Technologies ( This tool allows teachers, administrators, and curriculum developers to correlate learning with state and national standards. Available for Windows 95 and Macintosh. Priced at $349 for a single-user license, with discounts available for multiple purchases.

6. EdMAP by Computer Curriculum Corp. ( This tool provides an electronic, digital format for creating and storing all basic curriculum areas in grades K-12. For use by teachers, administrators, and curriculum developers. Available for open systems technologies such as TCP/IP and ODBC. Pricing available from vendor.