Many schools and districts are using the internet to help get parents involved in their children’s education. The author identifies six services that can help make the home-school connection:

1. (http://www. familyeducation. com/home). Introduced by the FamilyEducation Network in 1996, this service offers web site building, as well as suggestions and tools to help keep school sites current.

2. American School Directory ( With this service, schools can expand an existing American School Directory site on their school, adding more detailed information, calendars, etc. The service also offers free eMail to teachers, students, and families.

3. nSchool (http://www. A new service, nSchool provides customizable calendars and scheduling, eMail accounts, a resource center, online forums, a lesson plan database, and personal web pages for interested teachers, parents, students, and school groups.

4. SchoolLife (http://www.School Life. net). SchoolLife is a free web service offered by KOZ. The service provides tools for helping all stakeholders build web sites. There are also page-building tips and contests for the best sites.

5. Electric Schoolhouse (http://www. This site offers “zones” for parents and teachers, with eMail, chat rooms, and bulletin boards. Teachers can build web pages to convey information to students and parents.

6. IBM’s Learning Village (http://www. Services here are offered on a contract basis, with schools deciding how many or how few services they wish to offer. There is calendar building, a mentor database, online forums, virtual project rooms, private conferencing, online lesson planning, and web page building for teachers.