The author describes six web sites that are useful resources for digital cameras and photography:

1. Digital Camera Resource Page ( Visit this site for news, camera reviews, a table listing of cameras and features, a glossary of terms, frequently asked questions, and links.

2. Art Education: Teaching the Visual Arts ( This site includes lesson plans for art education, as well as a historical look back at the evolution of photography.

3. Short Courses in Digital Photography ( Visit this site for tons of information about digital cameras and photography and see digital versions of Dennis P. Curtain’s digital photography books.

4. Digital Photography ( This site provides an easy-to-follow frequently asked questions area. Also see visual comparisons of digital vs. traditional photographs.

5. ZoneZero ( Visit this site for photography exhibits and information suitable for high school photography or social studies courses.

6. Tips & Techniques ( See this site for resources and tips on how to use special effects and manipulate digital photographs. Offers tips for Adobe Photoshop and PhotoDeluxe applications.