“Electricity Online” is one super-charged site


One look at this entry from the 1999 ThinkQuest competition and it’s easy to see why the judges named it “Best of Contest.” From its visually stunning introduction, which could easily rival the production from an episode of NOVA, to its comprehensive scope, which includes lessons, applications, experiments, a history of electricity (including biographies of leading scientists who have contributed to the field), and even a simulation game to test your knowledge, the site promises to astound. Dozens of animations support explanations of such concepts as how a light bulb or a generator works, and there’s even an option for creating your own “virtual classroom” using content from the site. “Electricity Online” was created by Alok Ladsariya, 18, of Bombay, India; Maudie Hampden, 15, of Orlando, Florida; and Tim van den Hoff, 18, of the Netherlands.

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