Inspiration Software’s Inspiration 6.0

Inspiration Software, of Portland, Ore., recently released Inspiration 6.0, an upgrade to the company’s award-winning visual learning software tool. Version 6.0 provides students with expanded options for using images to represent concepts and ideas. The software boasts more than 1,250 symbols, including photos, animation, and illustrations, and provides many curriculum-based templates to help educators get started using visual learning techniques to map ideas and concepts. Inspiration 6.0 allows users to integrate information gleaned from the internet with diagram and outline templates, making it easier to present information in a meaningful and logical manner. In addition to the other visual options, the updated version now features templates for bubble diagrams, tree maps, flow maps, Venn diagrams, and a variety of other graphical organizers. Students and teachers can use this product for concept mapping, webbing, graphical organizers, planning multimedia projects, brainstorming, and pre-writing. The updated version also claims to be more user-friendly, with default settings, a fully indexed and searchable help system, a spell checker, and simplified network installation.

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