IntelPlay QX3 Computer Microscope

A joint effort between Mattel and Intel Corp. has produced a computer-enhanced microscope that lets kids magnify and display objects on their PC screens. The QX3 Microscope uses the same technology common in digital cameras. The microscope, intended for children ages 6 and up, allows you to magnify, examine, and capture still, moving, and time-lapsed images. And unlike a traditional microscope, the imaging unit can be detached from the base to let kids roam and explore things around them. CD-ROM software and accessories such as prepared slides, containment dishes, sample jar, plastic tweezers, an eyedropper, and handbook are all included. The software allows kids to capture video and still images, manipulate them with paint tools and other special effects, and create time-lapse movies. The QX3 Microscope retails for $99.

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