Search for standards-based lesson plans at “Microsoft Lesson Connection”

Launched at the National School Boards Association’s Technology and Learning Conference Nov. 10, Microsoft Lesson Connection is a new set of free tools designed to help teachers search for lesson plans that match their local or state curriculum standards. Using the site’s wizard, educators can embed search criteria based on Gateway to Educational Materials (GEM) standard subjects and topic keywords into their own web-based curriculum standards documents. Then, when a teacher clicks on a hyperlink inserted in the document, Microsoft Site Server-based technology searches through lesson plans indexed from multiple sites on the internet. If a school district has not yet published its local curriculum standards on the web, teachers can search for lesson plans according to their state standards of learning using the site’s search engine. Through a relationship with Classroom Connect, the Microsoft Lesson Connection site also gives teachers free access to Classroom Connect lesson plans in key subject areas—math, science, language arts, social studies, and American history.

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