EchoStar Communications Corp., the nation’s fastest-growing direct broadcast satellite (DBS) television service with approximately 3.4 million customers, substantially added to its offerings of K-12 educational programming channels at no additional cost to subscribers beginning on Jan. 10, 2000.

The following educational channels are now available on the system, according to the company:

• C-SPAN offers 24-hour coverage of important political events from Washington, D.C., and around the nation, including live debate from the floor of the U.S. House.

• The NASA Channel provides real-time coverage of NASA activities and missions, as well as resource videos for the media and educational programming to teachers, students, and the general public.

• Universityhouse Channel/Northern Arizona University educates students, faculty, and staff around the nation by offering programs at all levels of learning, from K-12 to graduate school.

• The University of California uses its vast resources to inform, educate, and enrich the lives of the people around the globe.

• Research TV offers a means to access the activities, lectures, special presentations, news, and reports of the leading research universities.

• Educating Everyone (a pilot show) is an aggregated channel of quality foreign language instruction, teacher training, and supplemental educational materials for rural schools and others.

• Free Speech TV’s programming provides an outlet for voices that are traditionally absent from U.S. television, including people of color, gay men and women, people with disabilities, citizens of the Third World, women, and youth.

• HITN provides the Hispanic community in the United States and Puerto Rico with necessary tools to advance their economic, social, and cultural aspirations through education.

• PBS YOU uses the power of noncommercial television, the internet, and other media to enrich the lives of all Americans.

• Mayerson Academy presents programming that addresses current educational concerns.

• WorldLink provides audiences with a global perspective on cultural, political, and humanitarian issues.