School safety report

Despite heightened public attention following a surge in multiple homicides in schools, overall school crime rates are declining, according to a report prepared by the Departments of Education and Justice and released in October. In addition to the latest statistics on school crime, the second Annual Report on School Safety (1999) includes descriptions of activities planned by the 54 communities receiving the first Safe Schools/Healthy Students Initiative grants last summer; model research-based programs that address the prevention of violence and the use of drugs, alcohol, and tobacco; and schools doing an exemplary job of creating and maintaining safe environments.


Facts You Can Use

The Fall 1999 issue of this publication from the Alexandria, Va.-based organization Communities In Schools (CIS) is devoted to the topic, “Recognizing and Preventing School Violence.” The issue contains profiles of three CIS communities and the innovative approaches they’re taking to fight school violence; an essay from Harriett Ford, assistant professor in school psychology at the University of Kentucky and a member of the state’s Center for School Safety advisory group, titled “Stemming the Tide of School Violence”; and a list of internet-based resources for further study.

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Web-based emergency guidebook

To encourage school administrators to bolster their emergency response plans, Iowa state officials have posted a model emergency procedures guidebook on the internet. Produced by the state’s Division of Emergency Management, the guide covers a long list of potential problems, including nuclear power accidents, bomb threats, fights, intruders, hostages, dangerous weapons, tornadoes, fires, injuries, and other threats. The guidebook provides a list of steps to take for each type of emergency, and can be used as a model for individual districts as they update their own crisis plans.

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