On the heels of a series of reports over the past few years indicating that many public school teachers are not fully trained or qualified, the Public Education Network (PEN) is creating a three-year, community-based initiative to ensure that “every public school student has a qualified teacher,” according to the organization. The primary focus of the effort will be to attract more high-quality teachers into school districts that serve poor and disadvantaged children.

Providing professional development related to improving the teaching of mathematics, technology, and computers was named as one of the top priorities of the PEN initiative. In addition, many other elements of the program—such as incentive grants for innovative teaching, leadership training, and collaboration between schools and local colleges and businesses—are likely to focus attention on using technology in the classroom.

PEN is a national nonprofit organization that assists local education funds in increasing student achievement for all children through engaging the public in school improvement. PEN serves 5 million children, mostly minority, in more than 280 school districts in 26 states and the District of Columbia.

For more information, contact Arnold F. Fege or Amanda Broun of the Public Education Network at (202) 628-7460, http://www.PublicEducation.org.