CourseInfo Enterprise Edition, by Blackboard Inc., allows schools to intergrate their academic, administrative, community, and eCommerce functions into one neat package, according to the company.

Educators can enhance in-class instruction and/or deliver distance learning by bringing their course materials, class discussions, assignments, and quizzes to the web.

“This software brings courses online to reach students after the three o’clock bell rings,” said Mike Chasen, co-founder and president of Web Enterprises.

The software is designed so users can easily add and remove any information they’ve placed on the site. It offers tools so teachers can upload documents and build message boards and chat tools.

CourseInfo Enterprise Edition also features customization so institutions can create their own look. The scalable system architecture and modular technology of CourseInfo Enterprise Edition facilitates integration of all school functions and provides a content library that makes resources available for sharing with other departments and institutions.
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