Colorado governor announces school computer program

A program that will use prisoners to refurbish computers for public schools was introduced Jan. 20 by Colorado Gov. Bill Owens.

The program will be run by the Department of Corrections. It will use inmates to rebuild computers and make them available to schools for $125 each.

“I want to help ensure that our classrooms are equipped to prepare students for the advances in technology,” said Owens, in a speech at Adams City Middle School.

The governor said he hopes the program will bridge the digital divide for children who do not have easy access to computers in public schools.

Previously, the state sold its surplus computers for scrap at auction. Many of the computers are in good condition and can be reused.

Owens said the program will pay for itself. Corrections officials said the program also will help train inmates for the computer trade and help them re-enter the job market.

eSchool News Staff

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