Grant Opportunities

Middle School Drug Prevention and School Safety Coordinators

This grant, offered to schools by the Department of Education through its Office of Elementary and Secondary Education, is open to all local education agencies and school districts. Through the federal “Safe and Drug-Free Schools and Communities” program, 290 new awards are anticipated for the next fiscal year, with grants ranging from $75,000 to $250,000. Average awards given are $110,000. Funds under the competition will support the recruitment, hiring, and training of full-time drug prevention and school safety coordinators for middle schools with significant drug, discipline, or violence problems. For more information about deadlines and restrictions, contact Ethel Jackson at (202) 260-3954.

Deadline: March 20 (estimated)

Safe and Drug-Free Schools National Program—Coordinated Grants

The Safe and Drug-Free Schools and Communities program also offers discretionary and competitive grants to school districts to encourage crime prevention, eliminate delinquency, enact drug education, evaluate high-risk students, and curtail violence. The Office of Elementary and Secondary Education anticipates 27 new awards ranging in size from $250,000 to $500,000, with the average being $375,000. For more information on the terms and deadlines of this grant, contact Charlotte Gillespie at (202) 260-3964.

Deadline: April 14 (estimated) SDFS/

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