National Geographic hosts fun-filled explorations

The National Geographic site is an incredibly extensive and well-thought out site for kids and educators alike. The site features pull-down screens like “Online Adventures,” in which kids can click through a series of pictures of the vanishing cultures of the Ariaal in Kenya, the Chipaya in Bolivia, and the Penan of Malaysia, and an online Congo trek with renowned conservationists. “Xpedition Hall” is and interactive online museum complete with a map that students can use to plan their virtual “trip” from one exhibit to the next. The “Sustainable Seas” page helps students gain an understanding of the U.S. National Marine Sanctuaries, and the “Outpost” project takes kids to Africa in search of the origin of human life. A “Maps and Charts” pull-down screen supplies students and teachers with easily printable maps of almost everywhere you can imagine, and it also includes star charts for constellations and a Virtual Solar System. The Lesson Plan area provides educators with detailed lesson plans for subject areas ranging from world history to life science to geography. It also features a regularly updated Featured Lesson plan, complete with images. Links to other supporting resources are provide in this section as well. National Geographic’s Teacher Community provided educators with a faculty forum they can use for feedback on lesson plans and curriculum planning, and it allows for a search for education material by subject, grade level, and resource type.

eSchool News Staff

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