What kid isn’t fascinated by dinosaurs? “Discovering Dinosaurs” is one of the most informative, interactive, and visually pleasing sites out there, and the information presented is first-rate. Through a self-guide grid, students can see how theories of dinosaurs have evolved, from the first discovery of the unidentified bones to modern theories of extinction through a mass migration sparked by changing sea levels. Kids are invited to explore over 100 years of changing scientific theory on environmental issues which affect paleontology, including the shift in views from the swampy, sea-covered earth, to one more closely resembling the variegated earth ecosystems we understand today. Students can also examine changing views of dinosaur anatomy, from the days of dinosaurs as “terrible lizards,” to classic theory of dinosaurs as close kin to birds. Dinosaur behavior is also tackled, as the actual interactions between dinosaurs, their migration patterns, and eating and nesting habits have all been re-evaluated. Today, the possibility of dinosaurs as social animals that nurture their young has become popular among scientists. Finally, the site addresses the changing theories of dinosaur physiology over the years, from the old theory of dinosaurs as simply cold-blooded reptiles, to modern ideas of warm-blooded creatures that more closely resembled birds.