In the Biointeractive site from the Howard Hughes Medical Institute, students can simulate the experience of becoming heart doctors in a virtual lab, complete with the procedures leading up to an extensive heart surgery. Online participants are encouraged to diagnose virtual patients with an ultrasound machine, a stethoscope, and other tools in the “Virtual Cardiology Lab.” The online labs puts high school students in the role of medical students, and they are encouraged to evaluate patients with different complaints, using tools like the echocardiogram to visualize the heart’s four chambers. Students are then challenged to reach a diagnosis based on a series of logical steps. The new lab is the latest addition to the Biointeractive site, created by HHMI to let students try out the tools of modern biology. Other virtual explorations let students probe the nervous system of a leech and carry out diagnostic tests for immune system disorders. The Biointeractive site also demonstrates various biological processes through animated clips. Students can view an E.Coli infection or watch the salmonella virus invade a cell. Animated demonstrations of the heart and the inner ear help students understand how these organs work.