Zoom Wireless Networking Device

Using ZoomAir AP128, users can log on without plugging in. It’s the first release in a family of products from Zoom Telephonics Inc. that distribute high-speed internet connections to multiple computers using wireless local area networking.

The product connects to any Ethernet network with wireless networking speeds of 2 MB per second using the current 802.11 DSSS standard. It is easily upgradable and compatible with any 802.11 product.

The ZoomAir AP128 includes a detachable dipole antenna that services a range of 300 feet in a typical indoor office environment. ZoomAir also sells omni-directional and directional antennas that will extend the service up to a mile.

The AP128 is also an Internet Protocol (IP) router, providing 128 Kbps ISDN connections that can be used to connect multiple LANs and to provide shared internet access to wired and wireless clients.

The AP128 network comes with WebManage, an easy-to-use, HTML-based management software. WebManage allows remote configuration and management of the network over the internet using any web browser software. Administration of the LAN is further simplified by Dynamic Host Control Protocol (DHCP), which automatically assigns IP addresses to client computers.

The estimated retail price for the ZoomAir AP128 is $699.
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