Colorado bill would target internet spammers

Internet spammers would have to slap a crystal-clear “advertisement” label on all electronic junk mail and provide an easy way for consumers to scratch their names from mailing lists under a bill passed Feb. 17 by a state House committee.

Before approving the bill by a 10-2 vote, the House Business Affairs and Labor Committee toughened the rules further by adding politicians and nonprofit groups to the mailers who must use the “ADV:” label.

The tag must appear at the beginning of any junk mail’s subject memo, which appears in consumers’ lists of new eMail and guides them on what they wish to read.

Colorado residents might not get any “less garbage” in their computer mailboxes, said House Bill 1309 sponsor Rep. Shawn Mitchell, R-Broomfield. But with the law in place, “they will have identified garbage” to sift through, he said.

Any individual computer user receiving mail that violates the law could sue the sender for $10 for each message. But the bill also would let that customer’s internet service provider collect hundreds or thousands of bad messages sent through its main computers and sue the mailer for $10 on each one, providing the incentive of millions of dollars in potential damages.

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