“CongressLink” connects students with civic understanding


Developed by the Dirksen Congressional Center, CongressLink is a service for teachers and students of government, civics, and history, and is “committed to exploring new ways to learn about Congress, how it works, its Constitutional underpinnings, its leaders and members, and the public policy it produces.” The site is an online laboratory designed to incorporate technology into the study of Congress, the Constitution, and how they work together. Students can use the site to gain an understanding of how government works, its capabilities and limitations, and the role that informed citizens play in its deliberations. Current events are used to engage students in problem-solving and decision-making activities. Educators can access instructional resources that include a lesson plan library, an annotated version of the Constitution with hyperlinks, and related web sites that have been carefully chosen for their educational value. Both teachers and students can collaborate through online conferences and eMail exchanges.

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