eSchool Partners

3M Visual Systems Division, of Austin, Texas, is a leading supplier of group communications and productivity solutions. Visit the 3M Visual Systems Division web site:

(800) 328-1371

See the ad for 3M on page 17

AbleSoft Inc., of Pennsauken, N.J., is a leading developer and publisher of teacher productivity software and a provider of educational content for school and home use. Visit the AbleSoft web site:

(856) 488-8200

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Acer America Corp., headquartered in San Jose, Calif., is part of the Acer Group, one of the world’s largest manufacturers of microcomputers. Visit Acer’s web site:

(800) 733-2237

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AlphaSmart Inc., headquartered in Cupertino, Calif., develops and markets affordable and effective technology solutions for the education market. Visit AlphaSmart’s web site:

(888) 274-0680

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Altiris Inc., of Lindon, Utah, develops, sells, and markets industry-leading PC software deployment and management solutions. Visit the Altiris web site:

(888) 252-5551

See the Altiris ad on page 18 is a brand-new education destination delivering all the components required to support the learning community. Visit’s web site:

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Boxlight Corp., located in Poulsbo, Wash., is a leading source among educators for presentation equipment. Visit the Boxlight web site:

(800) 689-6676

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Chancery Software Ltd., of Burnaby, British Columbia, provides student information systems that are accurate, timely, and easy to use. Visit Chancery’s web site:

(800) 999-9931

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Computer Prep, of Phoenix, designs and delivers technology training materials that fit the learning needs of today’s academic environments. Visit the Computer Prep web site:

(602) 275-1603

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Compaq Computer Corp., headquartered in Houston, is a world leader of the PC industry. Visit Compaq’s web site:

(800) 888-3224

See Compaq’s ad on pages 2 and 3

, of Manassas, Va., is committed to bringing emerging wireless technologies and communication solutions to the education community. Visit Earthwalk’s web site:

(703) 393-1940

See Earthwalk’s ad on page 57 is a cost-free, easy-to-use online purchasing systems for education and government professionals. Visit the web site:


(877) 4-EPYLON

See Epylon’s ad on page 5

FamilyEducation Network, of Boston, is a leader in web site editing tools and templates. Visit the FamilyEducation Network web site:

(800) 558-3382

See the FamilyEducation Network’s ad on page 15

Fortres Grand Corp. of Plymouth, Ind., is the creator of an innovative security agent that resides invisibly between the user and the computer. Visit the Fortres Grand web site:

(800) 331-0372

See the Fortres Grand ad on page 41

Jackson Software, of Glencoe, Ill., is the creator of GradeQuick, a grading, attendance, and seating chart software system. Visit the Jackson Software web site:

(800) 850-1777

See the ad for Jackson Software on the back cover

The Lightspan Partnership, of San Diego, is a leading provider of curriculum-based educational software and internet products. Visit the Lightspan Partnership web site:

(888) 425-5543

See Lightspan’s ad on page 24

MICGI, of Carbondale, Ill., is the creator of School Center, a complete, districtwide web site that works on Windows and Mac platforms simultaneously. Visit the School Center web site:

(888) 642-4448

See the ad for School Center on page 16

N2H2 Inc., of Seattle, delivers a suite of products that makes the internet a safer and more productive place for schools. Visit N2H2’s web site:

(877) 336-2999

See N2H2’s ad on page 39, of Norcross, Ga., is a free web-based education system providing a new level of communication among school, students, teachers, administration, and families. Visit the web site:

(877) 218-8700

See the ads for on pages 31, 33, and 36

NTS, located in Maple Ridge, British Columbia, is the maker of the DreamWriter product line, which provides affordable portable educational computers for students. Visit the Dreamwriter web site:


(800) 663-7163

See the NTS ad on page 37

ParkerVision, of Jacksonville, Fla., designs, develops, and markets automated video camera control systems and emerging wireless technologies. Visit ParkerVision’s web site:

(800) 532-8034

See ParkerVision’s ad on page 42

Premio Computer Inc., headquartered in City of Industry, Calif., provides K-12 and university campuses with desktops and servers for all computing needs. Visit the Premio web site:

(800) 677-6477

See the ad for Premio Computer on page 23

Procom Technology, of Santa Ana, Calif., is a leader in network attached storage devices. Visit the Procom Technology web site:

(800) 800-8600

See Procom’s ad on page 14

Riverdeep Inc., of Cambridge, Mass., designs, develops, publishes, markets, and supports interactive learning solutions for K-12 education. Visit the Riverdeep web site:

(800) 564-2587

See Riverdeep’s ad on pages 10 and 11

Sagebrush Technologies, of Austin, Texas, is a leading provider of educational materials, information solutions, and bibliographic information to schools and libraries. Visit the Sagebrush Technologies web site:

(800) 642-4648

See the ads for Sagebrush Technologies on pages 40 and 58

Schoolpop Inc., of Menlo Park, Calif., is an online shopping mall designed to raise money for the school of your choice. Visit the Schoolpop web site:

(877) 724-5767

See the ad for Schoolpop on page 27

Scientific Learning Corp., of Berkeley, Calif., combines the latest in brain research, technology, and education to create programs that develop and enhance learning and communication skills. Visit the Scientific Learning web site:

(888) 665-9707

See the Scientific Learning ad on page 12

Symbol Technologies, of Holtsville, N.Y., is a leader in wireless networking solutions for education. Visit the Symbol Technologies web site:

(800) 722-6234

See the Symbol Technologies ad on page 25

Tangent Computer, headquartered in Burlingame, Calif., designs computer systems tailored specifically for education and government applications. Visit Tangent’s web site:


See the ad for Tangent Computer on page 13

Teacher Universe, a division of the California-based company Knowledge Universe, provides instructor-led and web-based professional development, curriculum integration, instructional tools, career and life services to educators worldwide. Visit the Teacher Universe web site:

(877) 24-TEACH

See the Teacher Universe ad on page 55

TENCorp, of Needham, Mass., builds, installs, and maintains computer networks for K-12 schools, businesses, and towns. Visit the TENCorp web site:

(800) 798-6363

See the ad for TENCorp on page 45

TestU is an affordable, virtual campus created to help all students master standardized tests. Visit the Test U web site:

See the ad for test U on page 7

Youthline USA in an internet-based educational service that provides daily news to children aged 8-13. News is accompanied by creative, curriculum-based activities. Visit the Youthline USA website:

(888) 299-6884

See the ad for Youthline USA on page 26

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