Learn—and have fun—at “LearningPlanet.com”


LearningPlanet.com is a completely internet-based interactive learning environment, designed to be something of a “huge online learning amusement park.” This beautifully designed, eye-catching site is filled with fun, educational games for kids from pre-kindergarten to sixth grade. Users can choose a grade level and get a list of games designed to improve their learning skills and proficiency in many different subjects. For example, pre-kindergartners can discover numbers and the alphabet through interactive games like Alphabet Action, where kids click on a letter and hear it pronounced, accompanied by a moving animation of an object beginning with that letter. Students in grades 1-3 can try more advanced activities with games like Spacey Math, in which kids avoid being shot down by space ships by answering math questions as quickly as they can. LearningPlanet.com also features a Parents (or teachers) page, where adults can go to get ideas for activities to accompany the online learning.

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