This test prepreparation site passes our exam

The Oswego City School District in New York created this New York State High School Regents Exam Prep Center, a comprehensive study guide on all subjects for use at the high school level. Students wishing to brush up an a wide variety of subjects have a complete, easy-to-use resource at their fingertips. The review site provides background information, lessons, quizzes, and explanations for a multitude of topics in mathematics, global history, U.S. history and government, earth science, biology, and chemistry. The site also provides its users with a virtual library of educational links, a study guide page to help kids start off in the right direction with their review, and a database of old New York State Regents exams to use as study references. The site was developed by a team of Oswego County teachers to help their students meet the state Regents standards and is supported by a federal Title III Technology Literacy Challenge Fund grant.

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