Started by a self-proclaimed “frustrated educator” who felt the need for more information on copyright laws as they relate to educational technology use, this site helps teachers and administrators figure out what is OK to take from different web sites—and what material is considered off-limits. According to the author, Technology 4U President Phil Reinhardt, “Schools and organizations have been sued. Internet and CD-ROM technology have made access to information incredibly simple—and just as simple to duplicate or even alter and illegally place on the internet in another form.” Because this is a problem that has come up in schools just in the past few years, there are few strict laws or guidelines to follow regarding copyright laws and the internet. Reinhardt tries to dispel the fog by explaining the “Fair Use Guidelines for Educational Multimedia,” a document created in 1996 to address the ambiguities inherent in the Copyright Act of 1976. He also gives accepted standards and instructions on how to properly cite web sites. For educators who wish to teach responsible internet use to their students, this site is a great tool.