Dole distributes an abundance of information on nutrition

This site is an excellent resource for science or health teachers who want to impart the necessity of nutritious, well-balanced diets to their students. The “Dole 5-a-Day” site is colorful, graphically pleasing, and extremely easy to navigate for even the youngest web surfers. Users can go to the “Fruit & Vegetable Encyclopedia” and learn about the four major varieties of potatoes, how the mango was introduced to Florida farmers in 1860, and how farmers grow and harvest broccoli. Cartoon characters like Annie and Arthur Asparagus, Courtney Cauliflower, and Kevin Kiwi host each fruit’s or vegetable’s page. The site also features nutrition facts on every fruit and vegetable—from the carambola to the prickly pear. Kids can then surf to the Classroom Fun portion of the extensive Dole site and explore environmental and nutritional activities and lessons. The site also provides teachers with several curriculum ideas for language arts, math, science, and social studies classes, using Dole’s online resources.

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