The Council on Technology Teacher Education (CTTE) recently published a 34-page lesson plan and resource guide to assist high school teachers in explaining to their students about opportunities in teacher technical education.

Noting there will be a shortage of technical educators in the future and that high school teachers have great influence over students’ career interests, CTTE says it has set out to show students what career options are available and how to gain the necessary training.

The lesson encourages students to learn about the many settings in which they can use their technology education skills: the classroom, but also in the military, business, and other professional environments. It informs students that they will need to take general education courses, courses on teaching methods, and technology courses, and they will also need to gain field experience.

The course is designed primarily to be completed by students performing web searches to find information on specific technology teacher careers, academic programs, and training. It also can be completed through searches of printed publications, such as the Career Blue Book. For students performing web searches, eMail contact with tech-ed professors is part of the project, too.

Completing the lesson will require about 40 minutes of instruction and at least 80 minutes for students to collect information on the web, the authors say.

Included in the packet are a lesson plan and outline, an activity sheet (questions and answers), color overhead transparencies, and a recruitment form.