State laws concerning the use of 12- and 15-passenger vans

Alabama No No

Alaska Yes * Yes Until July 2001.

Arizona No Yes

Arkansas No No

California Yes * Yes * If the seating capacity has been reduced to 10 or fewer including the driver.

Colorado Yes Yes

Connecticut No Yes

Delaware Yes * Yes * Since July 1, 1998, all vehicles purchased must meet school bus safety standards.

Florida No * No * Does not apply to private schools.

Georgia No * Not clear in the Georgia law.

Hawaii Yes * Yes * On an exemption basis only.

Idaho Yes Yes This law passed in 1999.

Illinois No Yes

Indiana No * Yes However, special education services use some vans.

Iowa No * No However, day care centers use vans.

Kansas Yes Yes This law passed in 1998.

Kentucky No No

Louisiana No No

Maine Yes Yes

Maryland No * No * Does not apply to private schools.

Massachusetts Yes * Yes ** * State law restricts capacity to 8 passengers only.

** State law allows coaches or teachers to drive if they are not compensated.

Michigan Yes * Yes * Only if van was manufactured before Oct. 1, 1993. These vans cannot be used after Oct. 1, 2002.

Minnesota Yes * Yes * If the van is reconfigured to a capacity of 10 or fewer.

Mississippi Yes * Yes * Law does not prohibit the use of vans, but Dept. of Education will not approve van purchases.

Missouri Yes Yes

Montana No No * No law to enforce.

Nebraska No No

Nevada Yes Yes

New Hampshire No No

New Jersey No No

New Mexico No No

New York No No

North Carolina No * No Does not apply to private schools.

North Dakota Yes Yes

Ohio No No

Oklahoma No * No * However, many school districts ignore law.

Oregon No No

Pennsylvania Yes * Yes * Only for vans that were in use in 1993. No newer vans can be used.

Rhode Island No Yes * 1999 law “grandfathers” non-conforming vans for activities until 2008.

South Carolina Yes * Yes * A bill is pending that would require districts to phase out van use within six years.

South Dakota No No

Tennessee No No

Texas No Yes

Utah No No

Vermont Yes Yes

Virginia No * No * Does not apply to private schools.

Washington No No

West Virginia No Yes

Wisconsin Yes * Yes * Only “used” vans can be purchased and used.

Wyoming No Yes * Not allowed after Dec. 31, 2001.

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