This one-stop “Teaching and Learning Center” has been designed by a team of educators who’ve selected the cream of the crop from the plethora of education resources on the internet. Web links and resources supply strategies, activities, and ideas that integrate technology into the curriculum, and thematic units provide teachers with tools for daily instruction. Games, stories, and activities have been organized according to conceptual themes. The site’s creator, an educational company called ALFY, has generated dozens of ideas for web-linked classroom activities based on these themes and has added lesson plans to complement them. The Lesson Builder enables users to create and save lesson plans easily with a ready-made lesson template, and ALFY’s Library consists of lesson plans based on children’s books and recommendations of appropriate literature categorized by grade level. The ALFY children’s web portal itself was designed to make web-surfing simple for even the youngest learners, ages 3-9. It’s vibrant and colorful, with activities like the Brain Train, which concentrates on spatial relations for very young kids; Music Mania, which allows users to play simulated instruments; and Storyville, which allows kids to interact with different adventure stories.