Premio Computer introduces flexible new system

Premio Computer Inc., headquartered in City of Industry, Calif., has introduced a new computer called the Calypso. Designed with a full complement of legacy connectors, the new system incorporates Windows 2000 and supports the latest Intel Celeron or Pentium III processors.

All Calypso systems are built to order, allowing complete customization for individual requirements. Featuring infrared capabilities, the Calypso allows operation with wireless keyboards and mouse, as well as synchronization with wireless palm computing devices.

The Calypso is configured with two PCI slots for easy system upgrade. In addition to legacy compatibility with serial and parallel ports, the Calypso also provides two USB ports. The system’s compact mini-tower measures just 3.5 inches wide by 12.5 inches tall.

Priced starting at $699, Calypso models come with an Intel Celeron 500 MHz processor, 66MHz front side bus, 64MB SDRAM, a 10.2 GB hard drive, and Windows 2000 Professional. For $999, you can get a model with an Intel Pentium III 650 MHz processor, 133 MHz front side bus, 128 MB SDRAM, and 20 GB hard drive. Both system configurations (Celeron or Pentium III) include TV output, built-in audio and video, 48X CD-ROM drive, floppy drive, integrated LAN chipset for networking requirements, Intel 810E chipset, and socket 370 interface motherboard.

The Calypso systems also feature Premio’s new customized PC Quick Fix software, which allows convenient diagnosis of technical problems. This advanced software allows desktops and servers to undergo a self-healing reconstruction process to recover deleted or damaged files and repair corrupted drivers, Premio said. The software can also connect the user directly to a live Premio support analyst for a real time chat session and diagnosis of problems online.

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AbleSoft software harnesses the power of the web

A new software package from the New Jersey-based company AbleSoft Inc., called Teacher’s Internet Tools, features programs that enable teachers to make use of the world wide web.

The package includes rSchool Detective, a program that combats internet plagiarism. It also contains AbleSoft’s Teacher Toolbox Suite 4.0, the latest edition of Teacher Toolbox software used for making report cards, seating plans, and lesson plans, as well as grading and monitoring attendance. A third component is CoffeeCup HTML Express, a web page creation program that doesn’t require any knowledge of hypertext markup language.

The package also comes with Internet Image Library, a wide selection of graphics designed to enhance school web pages, and Library of the Future, which houses complete, unabridged texts of more than 3,500 historical and cultural works. Educators can make crossword puzzles and word searches for worksheets, quizzes, and tests with Teacher’s Puzzle Creator. And, lastly, they’ll get Teacher’s Graphic Tools, which provides everything a teacher needs to create professional looking documents in minutes.

License packages include upgrades, product training, and technical support. The packages cost $19.95 and are only available for PCs.

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Pasco sensors integrate computers into science labs

Pasco Scientific Corp.’s new Pasport line of sensors plug into Universal Serial Bus (USB) computer ports, allowing students to perform science experiments using Macintosh and other USB-compatible computers.

“The new Pasport line of products make science teaching as easy as one, two, three,” said Sunny Bishop, Pasco applications specialist. “You plug in the sensor and the screen automatically launches. Then, all you have to do is click ‘start’ and collect the data.”

The Pasport product line offers a variety of sensors that measure force, motion, pH, heart rate, light, and temperature. Geared toward middle school science classes, these sensors come individually packaged or bundled together. Teachers and students can start taking temperature measurements interfaced with a computer using the Pasport Temperature Lab. It includes the temperature sensor, a USB link, and a EZscreen software CD and is priced at $99.

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Clarin makes furniture for an electronic classroom

Whether you’re building a new school or just remodeling a classroom, the Universal Learning System from the Greenwich, Ind.-based company Clarin is ideal for high school and middle school classrooms and computer labs.

Clarin furniture is specifically designed to deliver electricity and network access to all the workstations in the room. The desks feature hollow table legs and tamper-resistant raceways that hide computer cables, so students can’t trip on them or knock them down. The workstations are designed to accommodate either laptops or PCs. Depending on your needs, the desks can come equipped with outlets, so students can plug in laptops to connect to the internet immediately.

The chairs come in a variety of formats and colors. The seats can be attached to the table frame on a swing arm, so chairs will never go missing or scrape on the floor. Or, the seats can be mounted on pedestals or casters.

All of Clarin’s classroom furniture is produced from 14 gauge steel tubing and welded to provide necessary strength. The springs, bushings, and other moving parts within the swing-arm mechanism are designed to maintain their strength and operate silently.

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