Death threats via computer to a high school sophomore have prompted Boston public school officials to end free eMail accounts for all students.

School officials traced the eMail messages—which began Feb. 18—back to computers at the Boston Arts Academy. However, officials were not able to determine who sent them.

Based on the girl’s complaint, two of the girl’s classmates were confronted. The two boys eventually confessed, saying the eMails to the girl were jokes.

One of the eMails read: “I am going to kill you J/K [joking]. But you will never know who I am. Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha. I know where you live, I know where you sleep, where you bathe and how you are. Until next time.”

Six eMails followed, ending with a second death threat in Spanish March 7, according to the girl’s mother and her lawyer, Wendy Murphy, the Boston Globe reported.

The mother said the hateful eMails began after her daughter told one of the boys last year that she would not date him. Months later, the girl told the second boy that she did not want to date him, either.

The girl’s mother has filed reports with the Boston police and met with a Suffolk County prosecutor May 2. Officials have declined to comment.

School officials declined to identify the girl or the boys, who were suspended for three days.

The systemwide Yahoo! and Hotmail log-off likely will be permanent. Officials say Boston schools will get new eMail accounts, at no cost to students, which will allow messages to be traced to the sender. School officials could not say how much the new eMail system would cost the district.

The Boston Arts Academy, a pilot high school for the visual and performing arts, had a schoolwide assembly May 3, warning students against inappropriate use of eMail and specifically against threatening other students.

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