A ‘Top Nine’ List of Social Science Software

The editors of Media & Methods have picked their favorite new social science software titles of the year. They are:

1. Basic American History: An Interactive Approach. Features comprehensive information and top-quality graphics, including an art gallery. A strong supplement to a social studies class. WorldView Software (http://www.worldviewsoftware.com).

2. Daily Life Through History. Ten-volume CD set, with each volume covering a different time period and culture. Provides in-depth information on each period. Greenwood Electronic Media (http://www.gem.greenwood.com).

3. Everglades Journey 2.0. Detailed graphics illustrate the uniqueness of the Everglades, making this a virtual fieldtrip. T.I. Multimedia (http://www.youngnaturalist.com).

4. Field Trap: Internet Coach. Multicultural educational tool, best for grades K-8. It’s built around an exciting story, and it provides hotlinks to actual web sites, which stimulates further research. APTE Inc. (http://www.apte.com).

5. GeoSafari Talking Globe Jr. Ideal for grades 1-4, this is a “talking globe” that uses push buttons to ask students questions and give them answers. Educational Insights (http://www.educationalinsights.com).

6. Ordinary Americans: The Red Scare. A video documentary of the McCarthy Era aimed at high schoolers. By telling the story through the eyes of “average” Americans, it packs information and meaning. Close Up Publishing (http://www.closeup.org/pubs.htm).

7. People of the World: Africa. Software package to assist students in creating multimedia projects by providing graphics, film clips, etc. Very adaptable on subjects from geography to history to culture. Bytes of Learning Inc. (http://www.bytesoflearning.com).

8. Shh! We’re Writing the Constitution. CD-ROM that gets middle and high school students to act out and explore the 1787 Continental Congress. Weston Woods (1-800-243-5020).

9. The Women’s Movement in the United States. A CD-ROM encyclopedia that makes the most of interactivity available today. Good for many age groups, it contains topics of great interest. ABC-CLIO (http://www.abc-clio.com).

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