The Mississippi High School Activities Association has struck a deal to allow a company to develop an internet network for state high school news and sports. MHSAA executive director Ennis Proctor announced the agreement July 10 with Kentucky-based

The site, which is the only one approved by the National Federation of State High School Associations, will allow Mississippi high schools to develop a network of sites that ties into others across the country.

Proctor said the agreement will give high schools in the state the ability to design and maintain school web pages as they seek to promote their individual athletic and activity programs.

“This is going to give our schools the opportunity to hook up with us on our web site. We are looking for reporters in each school to provide us with sports scores and stories,” Proctor said. “I think it is a great opportunity to draw more attention to the many things that are going on in our schools.”

The popularity of high school sports is growing in Mississippi, Proctor said, and the internet site is another avenue that connects the public to high school events.

“Anytime that we can put our kids on display, we try to do so,” Proctor said. “We have to give the students an avenue to make sure they get the true value of participation, team work, and hard work.”

Students create and maintain sites under the direction of a teacher or coach. The service is free to high schools.

“This site is about high schools students, for high school students, by high school students,” CEO Rick Ford said. The agreement also allows schools to advertise local businesses on their page and use those advertising dollars for school programs.

The network includes Ohio, Massachusetts, Maine, California, Colorado, Illinois, Tennessee, Wyoming, Texas, New Mexico, Rhode Island, Kentucky, Georgia, and North Carolina.