AbleSoft Inc., of Pennsauken, N.J., is a leading developer and publisher of teacher productivity software and a provider of educational content for school and home use. Visit the AbleSoft web site:

(856) 488-8200

See the ad for AbleSoft on page 26

Adobe Systems Inc., of San Jose, Calif., is a leading

producer of illustration and design software.

Visit Adobe’s web site:

(800) 834-3396

See the ad for Adobe on page 28

Aims Multimedia, of Chatsworth, Calif., provides quality curriculum-based multimedia to schools, school libraries, and universities.

Visit the Aims Multimedia web site:

(800) 367-2467

See the ad for Aims Multimedia on page 36

AlphaSmart Inc., headquartered in Cupertino, Calif.,

develops and markets affordable and effective technology solutions for the education market.

Visit AlphaSmart’s web site:

(888) 274-0680

See AlphaSmart’s ad on page 7

America Online, based in Dulles, Va., offers schools a safe and easy internet content program at no cost. Visit the AOL@school web site:

(888) 648-4023

See the ad for AOL@school on page 18

The Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development (ASCD), of Alexandria, Va., is an international nonprofit association of professional educators committed to the success of all learners.

Visit the ASCD web site:

(703) 578-9600

See the ad for ASCD on page 59

AWS Inc., of Gaithersburg, Md., delivers hyper-local news, weather, and sports information to broadcasters and schools via television, internet,wireless web, and PC desktop software. Visit the AWS web site:

(301) 258-8390

See the ad for AWS on page 29 is an education destination delivering all the components required to support the learning community. Visit’s web site:

(800) 860-9228

See the ad on page 10

Blackboard Inc., of Washington, D.C., is the creator of, a free service that enables instructors to add an online component to their classes or even host an entire course online.

Visit Blackboard’s web site:

(202) 463-4860

See the ad for Blackboard on page 27

Century Consultants Ltd., of Lakewood, N.J., has been helping school districts manage information in innovative ways since 1977.

Visit the Century Consultants web site:

(800) 852-2566

See the ad for Century Consultants on page 21

Classroom Connect, located in Foster City, Calif., sells internet literacy products, online interactive curriculum, and resources for integrating the internet into the curriculum. Visit the Classroom Connect web site:

(800) 638-1639

See the ad for Classroom Connect on page 31

Compaq Computer Corp., headquartered in Houston, is a world leader of the PC industry.

Visit Compaq’s web site:

(800) 888-3224

See Compaq’s ad on pages 2 and 3

Computer Prep, of Phoenix, designs and delivers technology training materials that fit the learning needs of today’s business and academic environments.

Visit the Computer Prep web site:

(800) 228-1027

See Computer Prep’s ad on page 20

Dell Computer Corp., of Round Rock, Texas, is the world’s leading direct-sales computer company.

Visit Dell’s web site:

(800) 822-6078

See Dell’s ad on pages 24 and 25

Earthwalk Communications Inc., of Manassas, Va., is committed to bringing emerging wireless technologies and communication solutions to the education community. Visit Earthwalk’s web site:

(703) 393-1940

See Earthwalk’s ad on page 43

Edmark Corp., of Redmond, Wash., has been a pioneer in developing innovative and effective educational materials for children for more than 30 years.

Visit Edmark’s web site:

(800) 691-2986

See Edmark’s ad on pages 12 and 13

Enterprises Computing Services Inc. (ECS), of Woodstock, Ga., provides technology solutions that have been proven to maximize efficiency and

productivity in business, government, and education.

Visit the ECS web site:

(877) 327-8060

See the ad for ECS on page 16 is a cost-free, easy-to-use online purchasing system for education and government professionals. Visit the web site:


(877) 4-EPYLON

See Epylon’s ad on page 5, of Horsham, Pa., is a leading provider of comprehensive online procurement solutions for K-12 schools.

Visit the web site:

(877) 960-7246

See’s ad on page 11

eSchool News Online, of Bethesda, Md., provides breaking headlines, a school technology career center, discussion groups, a free news archive, free content for web sites, and a weekly eMail newsletter.

Visit the eSchool News Online web site:

(800) 913-0115, ext. 115

See the ads for eSchool News Online on pages 55.

The 2nd Annual eSchool Technology Conference and Exposition, sponsored by eSchool News, takes place in Orlando, Fla., October 2-4. The event provides blueprints, tools, and practices for the 21st century educator. Visit the eSchool Technology Conference and Exposition web site:

(800) 913-0115, ext. 199

See the ad for the eSchool Technology Conferenceand Exposition on pages 39, 40, 41, and 42

FamilyEducation Network, of Boston, is a leading provider of web site editing tools and templates for educators. Visit the FamilyEducation Network web site:

(800) 558-3382

See the FamilyEducation Network’s ad on page 47

Gateway Inc., of San Diego, is a Fortune 250 company focusing on building lifelong relationships with businesses and consumers through complete technology personalization.

Visit the Gateway web site:


See the Gateway ad on pages 78 and 79

The Grants and Funding for School Technology Conference provides attendees with everything they need to know to identify and secure essential funding for their school technology programs. Sponsored by eSchool News, the event takes place in Philadelphia September 14-15.

Visit the Grants and Funding web site:

(800) 913-0115, ext. 199

See the ad for the Grants and Funding for School Technology Conference on page 58

IBM Corp., headquartered in Armonk, N.Y., provides powerful tools that enrich educational programs.

Visit the IBM web site:

(877) 222-6426

See the IBM ad on page 35

iMind, of Corte Madera, Calif., offers web-based instructional management and assessment tools for teachers. Visit the iMind web site:

(877) 534-6463

See the ad for iMind on page 34

Jackson Software, of Glencoe, Ill., is the creator of GradeQuick, a grading, attendance, and seating chart software system. Visit the Jackson Software web site:

(800) 850-1777

See the ad for Jackson Software on the back cover

Keystone National, of Bloomsburg, Pa., is an accredited high school that provides students with the means to earn high school credits or a diploma from home. Visit the Keystone National web site:

(800) 255-4937

See the ad for Keystone National on page 19

Lesson Link, of Temcula, Calif., is dedicated to providing web-based academic courses to students, schools, and corporations in need of learning.

Visit the Lesson Link web site:

(909) 676-7290

See the ad for Lesson Link on page 22

The Lightspan Partnership, of San Diego, is a leading provider of curriculum-based educational software and internet products.

Visit Lightspan’s web site:

(888) 425-5543

See the ad for Lightspan on page 45, of Corona, Calif., provides a high-speed network for K-12 education only, complete with internet service, filtered caching, content, and thin clients. Visit the Meshworx web site:

(877) 723-3787

See the Meshworx ad on page 37

NetTV, of San Rafael, Calif., is focused on producing superior-quality digital technology tools to enhance today’s learning environments. Visit the NetTV web site:

(800) 440-6308

See NetTV’s ad on page 33

PowerSchool Inc., of Folsom, Calif., is a leading provider of web-based student information systems to K-12 schools. Visit the PowerSchool web site:


(888) 470-0808

See the ad for PowerSchool on page 15

Riverdeep Inc., of Cambridge, Mass., designs, develops, publishes, markets, and supports interactive learning solutions for K-12 education.

Visit the Riverdeep web site:

(800) 564-2587

See Riverdeep’s ad on pages 8 and 9

Simplexis, of San Francisco, is a simple, reliable, and comprehensive online purchasing system for K-12 schools. Visit the Simplexis web site:

(877) 97-SIMPLEXIS

See the ad for Simplexis on page 23, of Columbia, Md., offers online assessment and lessons to help adolescent and adult students master essential academic and job skills.

Visit the web site:

(888) 391-3245

See the ad on page 60

SMART Technologies Inc., of Calgary, is a leader in developing products for shared learning spaces, including the SMART Board, an electronic interactive whiteboard. Visit the SMART Technologies web site:

(888) 42 SMART

See the ad for SMART Technologies on page 38

The Superintendents’ Technology Summit, sponsored by eSchool News, will take place in Palm Springs, Calif., October 30-31. The summit is a chance for senior education leaders to come together among

respected colleagues to understand and influence the impact of technology on our schools.

Visit the Superintendents’ Technology Summit web site:

(800) 913-0115, ext. 199

See the ad for the Superintendents’ Technology Summit on page 53

Teacher Universe, of Emeryville, Calif., creates technology-rich solutions for improving the quality of life and work for teachers worldwide.

Visit the Teacher Universe web site:

(877) 24-TEACH

See the ad for Teacher Universe on page 51

Tech Corps, headquartered in Maynard, Mass., is a national nonprofit organization that recruits and supports volunteers from the technology community to assist schools with the introduction

and use of new technologies.

Visit the Tech Corps web site:

(978) 897-8282

See the Tech Corps ad on page 62

TIAA-CREF, of New York City, provides renowned investment expertise for education, research, and related fields. Visit the TIAA-CREF web site:

(800) 842-2776

See the ad for TIAA-CREF on page 14

Timecruiser, of Fairfield, N.J., provides a web community with online tools and resources for schools. Visit the TimeCruiser web site:

(973) 244-7856

See the ad for TimeCruiser on page 32

Turner Learning Inc., of Atlanta, Ga., is the educational division of Turner Broadcasting and is dedicated to enhancing education by making commercial-free, cable programming and curriculum materials available to schools. Visit the Turner Learning web site:

(800) 344-6219

See the ad for Turner Learning on page 17

Youthline USA, of Howell, N.J., is a unique, safe, and secure internet-based educational service for K-12 schools. Visit the Youthline web site:

(888) 299-6884

See the ad for Youthline USA on page 30

Zenith Electronics, of Glenview, Ill., is a leader in

plug-in presentationequipment.

Visit the Zenith web site:

(847) 391-7000

See the ad for Zenith on page 49