The College Board

The College Board is a national nonprofit association dedicated to preparing students for college. The association is composed of more than 3,800 schools, colleges, universities, and other educational organizations. Each year, the College Board serves more than three million students and their parents, 22,000 high schools, and 3,500 colleges through major programs and services. Among its best-known programs are the SAT, the PSAT, and the Advanced Placement (AP) program. The College Board recently launched a section on its web site called EssayPrep, which tutors students on the essay portion of the SAT.

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Web-based service from the Princeton Review that addresses standard-based educational reforms. A rich resource of materials for teachers and students in grades 3-8, assesses, diagnoses, and provides support for learning.

(877) 8-HOMEROOM, by Kaplan, is a one-stop destination on the web for test prep, college admissions, and school and career information.


Scholastic Testing Systems

Scholastic Testing Systems offers students and schools immediate solutions to college entrance test preparation to help raise their SAT, PSAT, and ACT scores.

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One of the fastest growing test preparation companies in the country. For almost a decade, it has offered courses for a wide variety of exams, including the EIT, PE, MCAT, DAT, OAT, PCAT, GMAT, GRE, SAT, and PSAT.

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Test Professor

Since 1995, Test has provided students, teachers, and parents with the necessary tools to prepare students to be successful on Texas state Math Assessment Exams. Plans for other state exams are forthcoming.

(972) 264-3312 is an online SAT preparation program developed exclusively with students, parents, and educators in mind. Because Test is entirely online, kids can learn at their pace, on their schedule, and on their terms.


TestU’s mission is to bring high-quality standardized test preparation to everyone by providing powerful, internet-based tutorial programs that are universally accessible and affordable.

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Top Tutors

Tutoring and homework help are available for subjects including basic and higher math, reading, chemistry, language arts, test preparation, and other subjects, as requested, for students in grades 2-12.

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