The authors, all students at P.S. 56 in Queens, N.Y., offer their tips on building a great student web site. They have won national awards for student web site development. Note that 10 tips are listed here, while the original article lists 25.

1. Make sure that students are committed to spending significant time on the project.

2. Get parents involved, as research may need to be done at home or the library outside of school.

3. Pick topics that will interest specific groups of students.

4. Collect a lot of information before trying to write or design the site.

5. Plan before trying to write or design the site.

6. Contact experts on topics—and even if they can’t help, ask them for web sites and other experts who might be able to help.

7. Save all work on a regular basis.

8. Keep pages short.

9. Although content is more important the graphics, people do like pictures.

10. When it’s completed, share your site with reviewer sites and kid-oriented portals.