New York City Chancellor of Schools Harold O. Levy has announced a plan to put the district’s teacher training programs online, using technology that simulates real classroom experiences and lessons from some of the city’s best teachers.

“Teacher quality is one of the most important issues facing the New York City public schools,” Levy said. “We must ensure that out teachers have every opportunity to improve their skills on demand. Technology allows us to marry our best practices with easy access.”

The district has issued a request for proposals for web-based professional development services that will be available to teachers 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Putting these offerings online will enable teachers to develop their skills at their own pace and at home, Levy said.

The district will choose a technology partner to help create its professional development web site, with the district providing the content and the partner providing the technical expertise and marketing savvy, he added.

The New York City Board of Education currently offers professional development workshops and courses to its 78,000 teachers in conjunction with the United Federation of Teachers, colleges, and universities. The board will continue to work with these organizations to develop content for its professional development web site, Levy said.