As education buyers, you’re charged with spending thousands, even millions, of public dollars for sophisticated equipment—and in this era of accountability, the stakes have never been higher. To help you make these critical decisions, eSchool News has compiled the most comprehensive school technology purchasing guide ever assembled—the 2001 School Technology OneBook.

The 700+ pages of the OneBook contain thousands of listings you won’t find anywhere else—key contacts, detailed vendor profiles, valuable grant programs, real-world case studies, and proven best practices, all designed to make your job easier. By following the leads contained in the OneBook, you’ll be able to make more informed purchasing decisions.

As a small sampling of the wealth of information this guide contains, we’ve culled 100 profiles of leading school technology companies from among the 3,500 software, hardware, and connectivity vendors listed in the OneBook. Our Buyer’s Guide 100 includes each company’s address, telephone and fax numbers, web and eMail addresses, products and/or services offered, and a narrative description of each company’s business.

More complete information about each company—such as contact names, year established, number of employees, ownership, and revenues—can be found in the OneBook itself, which is available from the eSchool News web site.

AbleSoft’s Teacher’s Internet Tools 8550 Remington Avenue, Suite E

Pennsauken, NJ 08110

Phone: 856-488-8200; Customer Service: 800-545-9009; Technical Support: 717-872-2442; Fax: 856-488-8886; E-mail:; Internet:

Primary Product or Service: Administrative software; Secondary Product or Service: Reference software

Based in Pennsauken, N.J., and Lancaster, Pa., AbleSoft Inc. publishes, markets, and distributes multimedia products for the whole family. Published under the benchmark labels of AbleSoft, APBA, and Rabbit Ears, these products include educational resources, top-quality children’s entertainment, and sports games.

Acer America Corp.

2641 Orchard Parkway

San Jose, CA 95134

Phone: 408-432-6200; Toll-free Phone: 800-733-2237; Fax: 972-917-7663; E-mail:; Internet:

Primary Product or Service: Microcomputers

Achieve Communications

325 Interlocken Parkway

Broomfield, CO 80021

Phone: 303-413-9697; Customer Service: 888-301-5132; Fax: 303-413-9802; Internet:

Primary Product or Service: Internet service is an interactive and educational web service that “brings families and schools together online.” The service’s channel-based design provides for securely communicating class and student specific information between teachers, parents, and their children.

Adobe Systems Inc.

345 Park Avenue

San Jose, CA 95110-2704

Phone: 408-536-6000; Toll-free Phone: 800-833-6687; Fax: 408-537-6000; Internet:

Primary Product or Service: Software for layout, design, and file sharing

Affiliated Technology

Services Inc.

12304 Frisco Drive

Richmond, VA 23233

Phone: 804-360-0599; Toll-free Phone: 800-296-0599; Customer Service: 800-296-0599; Technical Support: 800-296-0599; Fax: 804-360-0499; E-mail:

Primary Product or Service: Software

Automated tracking systems for visitors, volunteers, students, and staff. Help desk management and IEPs online.

AIMS Multimedia

9710 DeSoto Avenue

Chatsworth, CA 91311-4409

Phone: 818-773-4300; Toll-free Phone: 800-367-2467; Fax: 818-341-6700; E-mail:; Internet:

Primary Product or Service: multimedia products; Secondary Product or Service: streaming video

AIMS Multimedia is a leading publisher and distributor of educational and training multimedia programs for schools, hospitals, libraries, colleges and universities, businesses, law enforcement agencies, and health departments. Programs are available on video, CD, DVD and streaming video formats.

AlphaSmart Inc.

20400 Stevens Creek Boulevard

Cupertino, CA 95014

Phone: 408-252-9400; Toll-free Phone: 888-274-0680; Customer Service: 408-252-9400; Technical Support: 888-274-2720; Fax: 408-252-9409; Internet:

Primary Product or Service: intelligent keyboard; Secondary Product or Service: Applets (solutions)

The AlphaSmart 3000 is a simple, affordable and portable computer companion that allows students to enter and edit text, then send to any computer for formatting or directly to a printer.

Altiris Inc.

387 South 520 West

Lindon, UT 84042

Phone: 801-226-8500; Toll-free Phone: 888-252-5551; Technical Support: 801-226-8500; Fax: 801-226-8506; E-mail:;


Primary Product or Service: PC management and deployment solutions

America Online Inc.

22000 AOL Way

Dulles, VA 20166-9302

Phone: 703-448-8700

Primary Product or Service:

Internet content program

America Online offers schools a safe and easy internet content program, called AOL@School, at no cost.

Anchor Pad International

11105 Dana Circle

Cypress, CA 90630

Phone: 714-799-4071; Fax:

714-799-4094; E-mail:; Internet:

Primary Product or Service: Physical security systems for computers, peripherals, and educational equipment

Manufactures cost-effective physical security systems for computer peripherals and office, medical, and educational equipment.

APEX On-Line Learning

110-110th Avenue NE

Bellevue, WA 98004

Toll-free Phone: 800-453-1454; Fax: 425-455-6501; E-mail:; Internet:

Primary Product or Service: Builds and

operates virtual schools

APEX builds and operates virtual schools. Partners with states and school districts to make quality education more accessible for their students and teachers. Provides online infrastructure, accredited courses, and support services to build and operate virtual high schools, online teacher development institutes, and online assessment and review tools.

AWS Inc.

2-5 Metropolitan Court

Gaithersburg, MD 20878

Phone: 301-258-8390; Toll-free Phone: 800-544-4429; Customer Service: 800-544-4429; Technical Support: 800-624-4205; Fax: 301-948-5352; E-mail:; Internet: Primary Product or Service: School Weather Net; Secondary Product or Service: InstaSports

AWS provides networked local content and information that people can access any time, any place, and via almost every vehicle. A leader in innovative information for news, weather and sports, AWS creates quality products and services that meet our customers’ evolving needs in the technology age.

900 West Valley Road, Suite 1100

Wayne, PA 19087

Phone: 610-225-6343; Customer Service: 800-304-3542; Technical Support: 800-247-7198; Fax: 800-209-1132; E-mail:; Internet:

Primary Product or Service: Educational internet products

Education internet site provides educators, students, and parents with applications, products, and services relating to content, curriculum, and community.

Blackboard Inc.

1899 L Street NW, 5th Floor

Washington, DC 20036

Phone: 202-463-4860; Internet:

Primary Product or Service: Web-based learning and instruction is a free service that enables educators to add an online component to their classes, or even host an entire course on the web site.

Boxlight Corp.

19332 Powder Hill Place

Poulsbo, WA 98370-7407

Phone: 800-884-6464; Toll-free Phone: 800-689-6676; Fax: 888-352-4242; E-mail:; Internet:

Primary Product or Service: Presentation products; Secondary Product or Service: Presentation services

Boxlight provides presentation solutions for trainers, educators, and professional speakers. Solutions include projector sales, national rental service, technical support, repair, presentation peripherals, creative presentation development and training. Inc.

310 South Michigan Avenue, Britannica Centre

Chicago, IL 60604

Toll-free Phone: 800-323-1229; Fax: 312-347-7966; Internet:

Primary Product or Service: Search and directory service

A search and directory service that combines selected web sites and magazines and book citations with the complete, updated Encyclopaedia Britannica.

Broadband Networks Inc.

2820 East College Avenue, Suite B

State College, PA 16801-7548

Phone: 814-237-4073; Toll-free Phone: 800-497-3660; Fax: 814-234-2841; E-mail:; Internet:

Primary Product or Service: Design, installation and monitoring of high-bandwidth networks; Secondary Product or Service: Products for interactive video applications

Provides complete system solutions to a wide range of users, including education, government, medical, and business customers. Designs, installs and provides on-going monitoring of high-bandwidth networks. Markets products for interactive video applications such as distance learning and videoconferencing. PowerPlay™ is an H.323 IP solution for digital multimedia networking.

Canter & Associates Inc.

1553 Euclid Street

Santa Monica, CA 90407

Phone: 310-395-3221; Toll-free Phone: 800-254-9660; Internet:

Primary Product or Service: Self-guided multimedia video series for teachers

Produces a self-guided multimedia video series that enables teachers to enhance teaching and learning through the web.

Century Consultants

150 Airport Road, Suite 1500 Lakewood, NJ 08701

Phone: 732-363-9300; Toll-free Phone: 800-852-2566; Fax: 732-363-9374; E-mail: marketing@; Internet:

Primary Product or Service: K-12

administrative solutions

Serves medium-to-large school districts throughout the United States and the Cayman Islands. Star_Base administration products for schools cover student management and business management for school districts.

Chancery Software Limited

3001 Wayburne Drive, Suite 275

Burnaby, BC V5G 4W1 CANADA

Phone: 604-294-1233; Toll-free Phone: 800-999-9931; Fax: 604-294-2225; E-mail:; Internet:

Primary Product or Service: Student information management systems

Chancery Software publishes student information management systems and develops

internet communities for districts, schools, and homes that empower parents to become much more involved in their child’s education.

Chariot Software Group

123 Camino De La Reina

San Diego, CA 92108

Phone: 619-298-0202; Customer Service: 619-298-0202; Technical Support: 619-298-0202; Fax: 619-491-0021; E-mail:;


Primary Product or Service: Educational software

Develops testing and instructional management software solutions that combine the functionality of the desktop with the accessibility of the Internet. Also provides products and services to educators, textbook publishers, and other markets with distance learning needs.

Classroom Connect

8000 Marina Boulevard, 4th Floor

Brisbane, CA 94005

Toll-free Phone: 800-638-1639; Customer Service: 800-638-1639; E-mail: connect@; Internet:

Primary Product or Service: Online curriculum materials (K-12); Secondary Product or Service: Online professional development (K-12)

Classroom Connect is an internet company that develops and markets web-based curriculum products and online professional development programs for the K-12 education community.

Cognitive Concepts

990 Grove Street

Evanston, IL 60201

Phone: 847-328-8099; Toll-free Phone: 800-328-8199; Fax: 847-328-5881; E-mail:; Internet:

Primary Product or Service: Language and literacy software, books, internet service, and staff development.

Provides language and literacy software, books, internet service, and staff development. Earobics software provides individualized and systematic phonemic awareness, auditory processing and phonic instruction. Earobics Educational Development Program for schools combines adaptive software, correlated books and tapes, group activities, and staff training to give teachers an easy way to integrate effective phonemic awareness instruction into their teaching day.

Compaq Computer Corp.

20555 State Highway 249

Houston, TX 77070-2698

Phone: 281-370-0670; Toll-free Phone: 800-88-TEACH; Fax: 281-514-1740; Internet:

Primary Product or Service: Computers

Manufactures a full range of microcomputer products for education, including laptops, notebooks, and desktops.

Compass Learning

9920 Pacific Heights Boulevard

San Diego, CA 92121

Toll-free Phone: 800-244-0575; Fax: 858-587-2850; E-mail:; Internet: Primary Product or Service: Educational software

Provides curriculum, management, assessment, and professional development software, services, and support.

ComputerPREP Inc.

410 North 44th Street 600

Phoenix, AZ 85008

Phone: 602-275-7700; Toll-free Phone: 800-227-1028; Fax: 602-275-1603; E-mail:;


Primary Product or Service: Training content; Secondary Product or Service: Training technology

Recently acquired by, ComputerPREP offers education and certification courseware for Internet, networking, and Linux.

DDC Publishing

275 Madison Avenue

New York, NY 10016

Phone: 212-986-7300; Toll-free Phone: 800-528-3897; Customer Service: 800-528-3897; Technical Support: 800-528-3897; Fax: 212-986-7302; E-mail:; Internet:

Primary Product or Service: textbooks; Secondary Product or Service: training

Provider of software, programming, internet, and computer “how-to” training and reference books, CD-ROM, videos, and seminars. We boast 50 years in educational markets, beginning with business education, but having expanded into staff development, office technology, and cross-curriculum areas as well.

Dell Computer Corp.

One Dell Way

Round Rock, TX 78758-4063

Toll-free Phone: 877-499-3355; Customer Service: 888-560-8324; Technical Support: 888-560-8324; Fax: 888-820-7454; E-mail:;


Primary Product or Service: Computer hardware

Dell Computer Corporation is a leading direct computer systems company. Dell designs, manufactures, and customizes products and services to K-12 customer requirements, and offers extensive selection of software and peripherals. Additional information can be obtained at

Earthwalk Communications Inc.

10262 Battleview Parkway

Manassas, VA 20109

Phone: 703-393-1940; Toll-free Phone: 888-213-4900; Customer Service: 888-213-4900, ext. 233; Technical Support: 888-213-4900, ext. 229; Fax: 703-393-1730; E-mail:; Internet:

Primary Product or Service: Wireless mobile computer lab; Secondary Product or Service: Presentation PC/TV monitors

Earthwalk’s mission is to be the premier education technology provider. This involves delivering a total technology solution to schools. Incorporating wireless computers and associated hardware, software, and web-based training and curriculum to enable teachers and students to effectively use the internet and computers in the classroom.

Edmark Corp. (Now Part of the Riverdeep Family)

6727 185th Avenue NE

Redmond, WA 98052

Phone: 425-556-8400; Toll-free Phone: 800-426-0856; Customer Service: 800-362-2890; Technical Support: 800-320-8381; Fax: 425-556-8430; E-mail:; Internet:

Primary Product or Service: Education web portal; Secondary Product or Service: Multimedia educational software

Edmark, now part of the Riverdeep family, is a leading brand of children’s educational software. Combining new multimedia technologies with proven educational strategies, Edmark has created more than 50 high quality interactive titles that develop higher level learning and problem-solving skills while engaging children in the learning process.

Enterprises Computing

Services Inc. (ECS)

8744 Main Street Suite 101

Woodstock, GA 30188

Phone: 770-591-8060; Toll-free Phone: 877-327-8060; Customer Service: 877-327-8060; Technical Support: 770-591-8060; Fax: 770-591-5435; E-mail:; Internet:

Primary Product or Service: custom software solutions; Secondary Product or Service: eGrant Manager and eD3

ECS Inc. is an Atlanta based software development and services company providing information management systems for the education, heathcare, financial, and telecommunications industries.

ePALS Classroom Exchange

70 Soundview Drive

Easton, CT 06612

Phone: 613-562-9847; Toll-free Phone: 888-770-3333; Customer Service: 888-770-3333; Technical Support:; Fax: 613-562-4768;

E-mail:; Internet:

Primary Product or Service: Online collaborative tools; Secondary Product or Service: Free web-based eMail

ePALS Classroom Exchange, an online classroom community, is developed exclusively for the K-12 community. Delivers secure, teacher-monitored eMail, instant language translation, members-only chat, collaborative projects, lesson plans, and a database of more than 30,000 registered classrooms. Connects more than 2 million teachers and students worldwide.

615 Harrison St., Suite 200

San Francisco, CA 94107

Phone: 415-593-2900; Toll-free Phone: 800-4-EPYLON; Customer Service: 415-593-2900; Technical Support:; Fax: 415-593-2929;



Primary Product or Service: Online purchasing systems is a cost-free and easy-to-use purchasing system and e-commerce community for education and government professionals. It’s a one-stop destination for researching, comparing and purchasing products and services online. helps purchasing professionals save time and reduce their researching, bidding and buying costs.

100 Lakeside Drive, Suite 100

Horsham, PA 19044

Phone: 215-444-9300; Toll-free Phone: 877-969-7246; Fax: 215-444-9200; E-mail:;


Primary Product or Service: Online procurement service provides tools, designed by educators, to help schools reduce paperwork and save staff time when purchasing goods and services. An electronic hub, optimizes a school’s purchasing process and reduces transaction costs.

FamilyEducation Network

(Now Part of the Learning

Network of Pearson plc)

20 Park Plaza, Suite 1420

Boston, MA 02116

Phone: 617-542-6500; Toll-free Phone: 888-881-3472; Customer Service: 800-927-6066; Technical Support: 800-498-3264; Fax: 617-542-6564; E-mail: businessdevelopment@; Internet:

Primary Product or Service: Internet Services

FamilyEducation Network is the internet’s largest K-12 and parent network dedicated to children’s learning. FamilyEducation Network is comprised of,,,,, and

Follett Software Corp.

2233 West Street

River Grove, IL 60171-1895

Phone: 708-583-2000; Toll-free Phone: 800-621-4345; Fax: 708-452-9347; Internet:

Primary Product or Service: K-12 school library software

Creating a vital library-to-classroom link to improve student achievement, Follett Software helps K-12 libraries and districts turn each school into an information powerhouse. Weaving library resources into the curriculum with categories and links to K-12 appropriate web sites, Follett Software’s award-winning collection management and searching tools integrate internet solutions and data enhancement services to make practical use of technology.

Fortres Grand Corp.

P.O. Box 888

Plymouth, IN 46563

Phone: 219-935-3868; Toll-free Phone: 800-331-0372; Fax: 219-935-3869; E-mail:; Internet:

Primary Product or Service: Desktop security for personal computers

Provides desktop security solutions for personal computers, including products that block hard disk browsing, permit access only to specified web sites, reverse file or system changes made by malicious or inexperienced users, or prevent unwanted access to personal computer files while a user is connected to the internet.

Gateway Inc.

4545 Towne Centre Court

San Diego, CA 92121

Phone: 858-799-3401; Toll-free Phone: 800-846-4208; E-mail:; Internet:

Primary Product or Service: Computers, peripherals and accessories; Secondary Product or Service: Software Computer hardware, software, accessories, and peripherals.


1080 North Delaware Avenue, 8th Floor

Philadelphia, PA 19125

Phone: 215-922-0880; Toll-free Phone:

800-789-GVOX; Customer Service:

800-789-GVOX; Fax: 215-717-0254;



Primary Product or Service: Online music community; Secondary Product or Service: Music notation software is a music education portal on the internet. It enables teachers and students to create and compose music for free without having to purchase notation software.

Hargadon Computer

3121 Swetzer Road, Suite A-C

Loomis, CA 95650

Phone: 916-660-9311; Fax: 916-791-2200;



Primary Product or Service: Used-computer sales

Provides a full range of used-computer equipment sales, management, outsourcing, and consulting.

300 North Beacon Street Boston, MA 02472

Fax: 617-926.1861; E-mail:; Internet:

Primary Product or Service: Online community targeting high schools is a high school-centric media network that provides easy-to-use, web-based tools for students, teachers, advisors, coaches, and alumni.


New Orchard Road

Armonk, NY 10504

Phone: 800-IBM-4YOU; Toll-free Phone: 800-IBM-4YOU; Internet: solutions/education

Primary Product or Service: IT services; Secondary Product or Service: Hardware, software

Designs, manufactures and markets information technology solutions.

iMind Education Systems

104 Tiburon Boulevard

Mill Valley, CA 94941

Phone: 415-945-6240; Fax: 415-927-3867;



Primary Product or Service: Integrator and Tutor Pro

iMind education systems delivers instructional management tools, educational resources, student data, and online communications through a single, convenient access point.

Jackson Software

361 Park Avenue

Glencoe, IL 60022

Phone: 847-835-1992; Toll-free Phone:

800-850-1777; Customer Service:

847-835-1992; Technical Support:

847-835-1992; Fax: 847-835-4926;

E-mail:; Internet:

Primary Product or Service: GradeQuick grading and attendance software; Secondary Product or Service: Teacher productivity and connectivity tools

Provides grade book software. GradeQuick and our enterprise products are designed to be powerful, yet easy to use, with seamless integration to student information systems.

Kawama Commerce

201 East Sandpointe

Santa Ana, CA 92707

Phone: 714-619-3900; Fax: 714-619-3999; Internet:

Primary Product or Service: Education epurchasing resource

eProcurement solution that supports schools and districts and their purchasing groups by saving time and money on their purchasing transactions.

Keystone National High School

School House Station, 420 West 5th Street

Bloomsburg, PA 17815-1564

Phone: 570-784-5220; Toll-free Phone:

800-255-4937; Fax: 570-784-2129;