Wondering where to find a listing of all the software educators can obtain at special discounts? A new internet software site,, promises to give you just that information. NPWare is a software resource site that caters to nonprofit organizations such as schools, churches, and charities. Here, administrators and procurement officials can find only links to free software or trial versions of software that offers discounts to nonprofits. Min Wu, webmaster of NPWare, sums up the goal of the new site: “Many nonprofits run on a very tight budget. We’re doing our part to help cut the costs for these organizations by providing information on affordable software.” NPWare carries a multitude of software titles in the areas of business, education, the internet, programming, and utilities. Educators can choose from a number of educational titles to find the ones that best fit their classroom needs at the lowest cost to their district. Software vendors are encouraged to submit their free or discounted software for inclusion on the site.