The Kennedy Center’s ArtsEdge web site, which acts as an international gateway to experiences with other societies, cultures, and their arts, has received many awards, notices, and accolades since its launch in 1991. The site functions as a clearinghouse for information on arts education. It is more than a repository, though, as it emphasizes interactivity. The web site not only connects educators to resources on curriculum development and educational research; it involves them in integrating these resources into field practice. ArtsEdge calls itself “a true community of learners and users,” and its archives expand the base of arts education knowledge. According to the site, “Working with recent developments in knowledge representation and instructional strategy moves arts education toward the center of the curriculum. ArtsEdge advocates learning in, through, and about the arts by providing high-quality resources to educators.” ArtsEdge encourages educators to become part of the ArtsEdge community by contributing curriculum, newsworthy items, and general resources for educators.