The U.S. Department of Commerce and the National Association of Manufacturers (NAM) recently unveiled the GetTech web site, a new public service campaign designed to encourage students to prepare for careers in science and technology. According to the site’s organizers, the GetTech program is a response to growing concern that too few young people recognize how studying math, science, and technology in junior high school can lead to rewarding careers. The site explains that many of the fastest growing and highest paying jobs in the future will be in science, manufacturing, and technology, but too often students opt out of those courses because of negative stereotypes and a lack of role models or career information. The GetTech campaign features a teen-friendly web site, public service announcements, and materials for teachers and students. The target audience is middle school students, ages 11 to 14. The web site also provides information about specific technology careers. For instance, kids can read about Rebecca, a cable technician at a local station. “Every time you tune in to MTV, I’m behind the scenes, taking the live feed via satellite,” she says. Kids also learn other aspects of math and science careers. Biochemists, for example, “study the organic chemistry that sustains all life,” and semiconductor technicians “test the material used to make microchips.”