Would your students like to chat with some ancient Egyptians about burial traditions? Have they ever considered how a drawing might look if Monet chose the color palette? And what really does distinguish one dinosaur from another? is a brand-new eLearning site, created to inspire these kinds of questions and help kids search for answers. The site helps kids create projects about topics they are interested in, and it helps them learn something new in the process. “Not nearly enough has been done to appeal to that super-savvy, technologically-brilliant generation now developing. I would like to see establish the standard for eLearning for younger kids,” said Gary Kiliany, founder and creator of Inc. Sections of the site already online include the “Stickerbook,” where pages of animated stickers detail ancient Egypt and dinosaurs with facts and images, and “Art,” where kids can explore color palettes and artistic expression. The “Games” section offers activities such as “Order Up,” where kids learn about velocity and gravity by launching food through space. Math, science, and phonics areas are in the beta stage of development and will be available over the next few months.